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Learning and vision are highly correlated. While the school system routinely checks vision, it is only checking your child's ability to see 20/20. There are many other visual factors that influence your child's ability to learn. This screening tool will help you to assess two areas of your child's visual learning integration: tracking and visual motor integration. The vision and learning handbook goes into great detail on these two areas and many others.


Tracking: the eyes ability to slowly and smoothly scan information while routinely

jumping quickly to the next line



Directions: Find the hidden alphabet in the paragraph below. Cross off the a and then

the b, and then the c. If your child cannot get to z, s/he either skipped a

letter or a line. This test should be done in under a minute.


Thsae dkieb eiepo kdlcs dklpo. Te ispo wropsl fhqwa greqp hlsop lqjs.

Lsig qwiojl werol wekpi nmoi tlweq nmnmp pcoq uibdp pdbqb jkld er
tksn. Rsjkl kell qwlz hthe mnw vqwum. Wdjkl wvns oijs ew qpot we xwe
bnwe jgyj aspqzs.


Visual Motor

Integration: the ability to make fine hand movements in response to visual processing.


Directions: Copy these forms in the squares below without erasing.

Although this is not the standardized screening test, this will allow you to detect a
problem with children 12 years old and younger. There should not be more than
a ten degree shift of rotation.
















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